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More simple. More kookee.

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Big results without a big production.

We developed a solution which allows you to publish content discreetly, easily understandable and fast. Content of every kind like brochures, magazines, catalogs, sales presentations, manuals, instruction material, newsletters and plenty more can be interactively enhanced in the web cms and published in an iPad & iPhone App, an Android App and as a Web App.

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Creating magic in the web

The Web CMS is the ideal way to start creating and publishing interactive content to a mobile audience.

Enhance your content by adding weblinks to live information or embedding videos. Enable your readers to directly get in contact with you via email, add internal links within your documents to connect different pages for faster navigation or add important appointments for events. The kookee Web CMS works in the Cloud to make sure that it can be securely accessed from wherever you work from.

kookee Web CMS
kookee Web Starter

Your contents. Everywhere.

With kookee® Pro you publish directly into an iPad & iPhone App, an Android App as well as a Web App.

All Apps offer reader comfort and an appealing environment. No matter which devices your readers use, the presentations adjust automatically to fit any screen size. Your readers can share content in social networks or with their contacts, add bookmarks and handwritten notes, as well as highlighting important parts with a highlighter.

Reach more readers now and win clients.

Kookee makes digital publishing easy. Use this special opportunity to reach a broad audience.

App Editions

Master captivating results faster.

The kookee process to publish content is transparent, fast and easily accessible. It doesn’t require an installation of plugins, no change of your production process or long teach-ins for your employees. We give you all the tools that you need to be able to start your production right away. It is a lot of fun to have your own apps and digital publishing helps your enterprise with a much more efficient kind of marketing.


Adjust Apps

Adjust the optic of your apps to fit your corporate design. Then all you have to do is to fill out the Apple App Store and Google Play information. After you have approved the information we will take care of everything else, so that your apps will be available shortly thereafter.

By the way with kookee you can change the look of your apps at any time.


Edit content

Start directly with the creation of your content in form of issues. Import any of your PDF files or pictures and use that content to build the magic onto. The Web CMS supports you all the time with an easily accessible workplace and a powerful set of tools.

Fill issues fast and easy with content and add magical interaction to your content.


Publish content

Publish your content immediately or prepare your content issues so that you can publish at a later point in time. Exchange pages or sentences when you make corrections, or simply unpublish issues. At any point in time you will retain full control over your publication.

Publish as many issues and as much content as you want. Only kookee® comes with that included.

Make the job for your sales team easier and lower costs.

With kookee you have the latest version of your files with you at any time. Centrally managed and easy to compare.

App Editions

Digital publishing for everyone

To publish and distribute content with kookee is the ideal solution to communicate and have a dialogue with readers and possible clients. The process is useful for enterprises of all kinds and size. Improve your brand success, present your newest products, demonstrate an interactive workbook, make your real estate sale a success or support your sales employees with your newest presentations on the go, so that their documents are always up to date.

kookee for education and lessons

Publish beautiful and engaging work- and schoolbooks, which motivate and inspire your students. Lift the learning experience through digital and interactive content to the special kookee level.

kookee for business and economy

Add simplicity and flexibility to the dialogue with your clients and customers. Keep your documents always up to date, digitally improve your printed materials or publish live from an event.

kookee for you

Capture those special moments and bring your travel journal to life. Share old family recipes with the whole world and guide your readers with videos. Or present your DIY project to an excited community.