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kookee revolutionizes the publication of content and facilitates the narration of wonderful and rich stories. Our reseller partners play an essential role in sharing the kookee experience with consumers in the rest of the world. We value the time and resources that our partners invest to educate their personnel and to deliver the best possible sales experience. In return rethynk is obligated to continue to develop our products and to deliver innovative product developments which continue to raise the user’s interest. That increases sales and opens the door for a long lasting and sustainable client relationship.

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Licensee for Australia, China & ASEAN Member Countries: – Deutsche Asian Holding Co. Ltd. (Thailand)

Austria : Reseller appselect GmbH (

Germany : rethynk GmbH, Reseller appselect GmbH (

Switzerland : Reseller appselect GmbH (

Spain : Reseller appselect GmbH (

USA : rethynk USA Inc.